The Nobiyo Story


Some of the greatest inventions come from solving a simple, but widespread problem.


Deborah Piscione

Nobiyo Freshwear™ Co-founder, Deborah Perry Piscione

As a keynote speaker in front of audiences of hundreds to thousands (and former television commentator), I’d stuff my armpits with paper towels to ensure that I didn’t sweat on stage or on-air.  I know many of my female colleagues who spoke for a living, among other friends, who delivered presentations or litigated at trials also suffered from sweat stress.  For most of us, the paper towel roll up never worked, as odor and embarrassment would inevitably give in.


There I was, on stage in the summer of 2015, before hundreds of people – doing what I do – speaking at conferences, when I looked up, caught a glimpse of myself in the overhead screen behind me and saw it – underarm sweat that had penetrated though my blazer!  I was beyond mortified. Fortunately, I was in a remote part of Norway. The only thing I could do was keep my arms straight down for the rest of the presentation and pretend that no one else saw my embarrassment.  At that moment, I said to myself, “Never again!”


Long time family friend Kevict Yen and I teamed up together because he had been working with endurance athletes from around the world on a technology that helped these athletes manage sweat and moisture as well as keep them feeling energized as they competed in long distance cycling, running and multisport competitions.  The technical apparel that he developed was the ideal basis for Nobiyo’s line of sweat management clothing.


Whether it is stress sweat or not, we all suffer from the perspiration that inevitably ruins our best shirts and blouses, sweaters and jackets.  It is that smell that does not come out even after the dry cleaner. It is that yellowing that eventually makes us part with our favorite items of clothing.


We are so proud to introduce Nobiyo Freshwear™, which will forever rid you of yellowing and smelly arm pit stains (through our patent pending technology), and give you confidence whether you are in a business meeting, on stage, or just leisurely enjoying a favorite item of clothing.  Stay tuned for our upcoming products that address perspiration issues with women’s menopause as well as a men’s specific line. 


We hope you enjoy Nobiyo Freshwear™ as it solves that problem that many of us struggle with on a daily basis.  We are here to give you your confidence back! 


Let us know what you think of your Nobiyo Freshwear™ – we’d love to hear from you.


– Deborah and Kevict –

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