What is Nobiyo Freshwear™?


Nobiyo Freshwear™ solves a problem that so many of us suffer with – stress sweat, perspiration and odor that transfers to our clothes and keeps us from feeling fresh and confident.


Simply put…


Nobiyo Freshwear™, is a patent-pending undergarment that manages perspiration and odor in the areas you need it most (underarms, back and under breast). Worn as an undershirt, our breathable, temperature regulating fabrics keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 


Our Base Layer shirts are compressive and fitted giving you the added bonus of some shape control while our Second Skin shirts will give you the protection of our Base Layer, but make you feel like there is nothing there.


As a result, no matter which Nobiyo Freshwear™ product you choose, they will prevent sweat stains and odor from transferring to your clothing.


Nobiyo Freshwear™ keeps your clothes safe and gives you back your confidence.


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